Saturday, January 17, 2009

DipSea trail Again and some other thoughts!!

Janet and I went to run the DipSea trail today.. The day was so freaking beautiful.. I loved it… It was amazing.. and the thing is we rocked the course.. AGAIN!! When we did the Quad DipSea last December, we finished the double in 3:06, that was including the aid stations and the start which was very crowded. Today we finished in 2:59:08, it was a great day.

Of course during our run we talked about everything and nothing, it is amazing how time flies when you are having fun. No, neither of us was miserable today which sometimes happen in a long run. Not today, today we both felt great. I did not bring my camera, so I did not take any pictures., but the day was amazing. Not to many trail runners today, but a ton of hikers. In one occasion we were running down a steep hill, very technical with roots and rocks and stuff like that. Two hikers were looking at us in disbelief.. it was funny to see their faces.

This is one of my favorite picture of us running the DipSea Trail..

Next weekend we are running a 50K ( , we are looking forward to that one run. My ankle was bothering me a little today, I think I need new shoes (always an excuse to get new shoes). The ones I got have been working for me so I think I am going to go and get another couple of pairs before they go out of production which usually happens all the time.

Hey.. by the way… not to get too philosophical here, but I was just wondering.. Do you know your purpose in life? When do you know when you have accomplished your purpose? Oh Crap.. my head hurts…

But in any event… Life is great and I just want to say… Wow… What a ride. I have been working really hard on living a healthy lifestyle… With the intention of living a happy long life.. Talking to a friend today she asked me.. How do you define happiness? How do you know you are happy? I did not know what to answer really, but she said. Well in my view happiness is when you are satisfied with what you are and what you have in the present moment. I was like.. hummm.. then I guess I will never be happy because I want more… I really believe that we are never satisfied with what we have, we always want more. I do, don’t you?

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Félix said...

It's always in our nature as individuals to want more, but I guess we should always try to "stop and smell the roses" from time to time and enjoy the here and the now. It's what we've got and what we can grasp. To add to the list of clichés I've just written, it's all about the journey. But being ambitious and future-oriented is what sets the wheels in motion for that journey.

My head now hurts, too.