Friday, January 04, 2013

12-30-12 Woodside 17K

Jim, Oliver, me and Jennifer before the start. 
Getting back into running has been proven to be a challenge. On December 30, the SCCF endurance team completed the Woodside trail run 17K.  I was fortunate enough to be able to do this and given that I haven’t run since last October it proved to be a challenge.   My fellow San Carlos CrossFit fellows came to run it with me.   A conversation with my wife earlier in the week made me realize once again that I just had brain surgery.   She was concerned that if I was going to do this, I needed to have someone with me at all time.  So she gave me permission to run this if I had friends with me at all times.   I con my friends into running together and we did.   It was, like always, awesome.

Jennifer Landivar, a fellow crossfiter was about to run her first trail run ever, and that was exciting.  Just the night before we exchanged text messages to give her last minute advice as what to wear and what to eat.  She was a bit nervous, but at the start of the race she was ready to charge the hills, and she did…   She finished strong, and I have a belief that she could have gone faster even though she rolled her ankle at the beginning.     

Jim and Oliver were, as always, consistent.  And I, was slow, in addition my ankle was hurting a bit.   I am not sure what is the source of the pain but it caused me to change my stride which in turn miss-aligned my form and as a consequence, my left hip and IT band started to hurt.  It is amazing how one little thing leads to bigger problems.

Huddard park in Woodside, is awesome and I enjoy running there a lot.   The first half of the run is uphill, all the way, and the second part is downhill, all the way.  It was a really a beautiful run and I was jealous of the people that were doing the longer distances.   But that is ok; I will be back soon enough.   I am looking forward to regain my running fitness and speed.    

Celebratory finish hanstand...  CrossFit rules