Friday, February 22, 2008

Sequioa 50K, Oakland California.

This was a very interesting race. I was picking up some friends in San Francisco, but neither them nor I knew that some of the highways were closed. What would have taken about 30-35 minutes it ended taking us about 2 hours. Needless to say we missed the start of the race. We finally arrived, about 45 minutes later. We decided to run it anyway since we already signed for it and well.... we were already there.

The three of us started with a good pace and happy to say, we were not the last ones to finish. Our times were pretty slow, but Hey we had a great run.
About the Race: This one was a 50k with 6500 feet of elevation gain. Check out the profile below. It is insane to many people, but not the most difficult in this trail series.
The views are of course amazing... I loved these trails. I did not bring my camera so most of these pics were taking by other people. However I can testify that these trails are simply amazing.

In some places they give you a t-shirt which I opted out from, or a medal which only hangs or is kept in a dark drawer.. This trail series gives you a finisher coaster... It is something you can actually use... Check it out...

Anyhow... this was another run in an amazing place. I am today (a week later) still feeling sore, but it was worth it. My next race is going to be in two weeks (Skyline Ridge 50K), yes another 50K. I have a score to settle there, last year I did not finish because I fell really bad and I injured my knee. This time I will finish...

Two things I learned from this race... The shoes I got two weeks ago which now already have over 150 miles on them are too small for me, specially if running downhill. I am WILL lose another toenail because of this shoes. The downhills were really steep and the stupid shoes seem to be to small that I knew righ away that my toes, thus my toenails, were getting slammed. One of them is pretty sore, the other one has started to turn black. NO, I will not post any pictures of that here...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

IronMan training Update

Did I mention i am training for another IM... I'll be doing Ironman Cour d'Alene in Idaho on June 22. It is going to be so much fun, unlike the IM in Florida where I finished the race, this time I want to race. Anyhow... on the Month of January my training volume was as follows:
January's totals:
Bike:10h 30m - Mostly stationary bike
Run:13h 41m 49s - 86.67 Mi
Swim:10h 40m 38s - 33900 Yd

The Month of January was low on the bike, but I just ordered a new trainer (which will arrive today) so I will be upping my volume on the bike since I will be able to ride indoors... Yeay!!

last weekend I took my bike for the first time this year, The day was beautiful. I decided to go to do the kings Mountain loop, It was very hard with some pretty steep Hills.. My heart rate was over 170 bpm and I my legs felt like noodles... It was a great workout...

Check out this hill... now imagine miles and miles of this gradient. After a few minutes you start feeling the burn, then you stop feeling anything really. I realize I need to get a lot more time on the bike in order for me to get ready for the climbs in Idaho. I will, no question about it.

Check out the view... Riding in California is amazing, the hills are great, people are amazing the landscape is breathtaking. I enjoy going outside and run and bike. As somebody put it once... I rather be running or biking...
Here is me after the bike and a change of clothes.... I felt great, you can see my car with its new roof rack and my bike on top. It is a brand new FELT full carbon bought ON SALE.

Brain Tumor anniversary..

Just a few days ago I reached my 4th anniversary (brain surgery that is). My first operation was done back in Michigan in 2004. It is amazing how much has happened in my life since then. I also realize that it was a turning point in my life.. I have become a much wholesome person, I am definitely not the same person due to the hardship that I had to endure. However, I am happy because of the person I have become. After the brain surgery the second most horrible thing happened, my ex wife decided she did not want to be my wife anymore. I was jobless, penniless and in a foreign country where I did not know anybody. Somehow I survived and I am here today... Woohoo!!

Somebody asked me a question a few days ago, she said describe the anti-you. In one word, describe the person that you are not. Without hesitation I said pessimist, I am not a pessimistic person, I believe I am the most optimistic person in the world. I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in the goodness of people and I believe that happiness comes from within. I cannot make anybody happy (believe me I tried).

Here it is to many more anniversaries... wohooo!!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Woodside 50K in Woodside, CA

Well i did it again... Ran another 50k making some pretty big mistakes....

  1. Run in the rain and cold wearing only one layer of clothing... Darn I was so cold I kept shaking.
  2. I got new shoes and wanted to "break them", did not realize that the whole race was ONE big 50K loop so i never go the chance to come back to the starting line and change...

Regardless of the stupid mistakes, this was a great event.

The sky was cloudy and of course it started to run in no time. Did I mention it was cold.. I ran ALL of the race with a friend or mine, Kay from Japan. She was nice enough to wait for me most of the way when I was hurting (IT band issues) and I had to walk quite considerably. She also taught me a lot about Japanese culture and customs....

Met her in Angel Island last year and that time I helped her to finish, this time She helped me to finish the race.. She is awesome, like all runners.

I love this trail runs because of the rest stations, they are always plentiful. From potato slices to mm's, and even cake.. Yummy!!
Needless to say i am always happy when I reach one of these cuz I truly eat a lot there. I replenish my fuels and keep on going.. For this one I wish they had hot chocolate or extra layers of clothes for the cold and unprepared (like me).

My finisher's proof!!

Anyhow, it was a great run... cannot wait to do it again...
Next one... February 16, yes another 50K...