Friday, December 14, 2012

Brain Surgery Again...

So what happened?

Over the last few months, I had been battling with a re-growth of the tumor that made me start this blog.   After running Western States 100 back in June,  I went to have a regular check up.  Following my regular MRI I went to see the doctor (This was the first time I was seeing him). He told me that my tumor had a very unusual growth and that I needed to take care of it as soon as I could. Interestingly, he also told me that there was something bizarre about my tumor, because of its size and the location, he pictured a patient that probably wasn't able to walk straight, talk coherently etc.  He was surprised that I looked healthy and I just finish running 100 miles.     We had a long conversation regarding my options and after a while we both agree that I needed to go under the knife once again to remove the tumor once again. 

Between July and Oct 30,  I ran 2 50K’s and a couple of 25K’s and I did crrosfit throughout.   I wanted to be the strongest and the healthiest as my operation approached. Unfortunately I skipped competing on IronMan Arizona.     On October 30, I went to the Kaiser Permanente Neurosurgery department in Redwood city and checked myself in.   I was ready. 

After a very long operation,  I was back in the recovery room.   My beautiful wife was there and so were my mom and my sister.   All of us were really happy that the operation went better than expected (the doctor was able to remove 90% of the tumor) and I was coherently talking shortly after the operation.  Unlike my first operation in which I could not recognize my mom for three days and I was in the ICU for 12 horrible days; this time, the whole thing was so much better.   I was out of the hospital in 3 days back home where I knew things were going to evolve much better, and they did.

After the first week, I was practically recovered about 60%, I was able to walk without help and I had not neurological deficiencies, except for the fact that my hearing was totally diminished, and my short term memory seemed a little off as well.  But compared to the first time, I was in heaven, and pretty happy.  I knew that the short term memory issue will get better over time and the hearing too.   With that mindset, I decided to totally take the time off to heal.  I am known to workout hard all the time, but this time I knew I needed my head to heal before I return to my crazy self.  

I am in week 6 now, and after I went to see my doctor two days ago, we both are happy with the results.  He has released me to start working out and yesterday was my first good workout.  It was awesome and I am looking forward to get stronger and stronger.

I have started to plan my calendar for next year..   The first half of the year I will focus on running trails.  I need a qualifier for Western States 100 for 2014.  Sadly I wasn’t selected for 2013, but I am hoping 2014 will be my year once again.  I also intend to complete an iron distance triathlon,  and crossfit as much as I can.   2014 will be awesome..