Friday, July 15, 2011

I have seen way too many times people’s expressions when they come to the gym and realize that there is running involved in the workout of the day. It is funny to see all sorts of reactions; from happiness (me) to really unhappiness (I won’t mention names). The first thing I hear is, “I shouldn’t have come today” or “I hate running” or “running hurts”. In any event, running is not most people’s favorite WOD component, is it?

Interestingly, I also have seen many people that are great with lifts but throw in a running component in the workout of the day and they are screwed. I like that because that is my forte and I take advantage of it, right?

Well, when I started CrossFit, I couldn’t, for the life of me, do a double under. Every time double unders were involved in a WOD I simply would accept the fact that I would not be doing well and or it will take me a lot of time to complete the WOD. Then a wonderful thing happened, the more I practiced double unders following the coach’s advice and techniques, I got better at them. And now, every time I see double unders as a component of a WOD, I cannot help but be happy. Do you see where I am going with this? Running is like double unders and most things we do in CrossFit, it involves technique and practice to be good at it.

Running is like double unders, the more you practice following your coach’s advice and techniques they just happen. And then you start getting good at them and all of the sudden you are loving them. Running works just the same. I wrote a little piece a few weeks ago about running technique (see it here This will show you how by simply changing your stride it will minimize the hurt, it will improve your speed and the enjoyment of it. So, don’t wait for the next time running comes up in a Work out of the day, grab a coach and ask for help … and then go out there and embrace every workout with running as a chance to get better.

Here I am running Miwok 100K in preparation for a 100 mile run.