Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pirates Cove 50K

This past weekend went to run the Pirates Cove 50K. This was a great run indeed. The day was just wonderful and the company was great. The altitude profile was about 5600 feet. Pretty hard if you ask me..

We all drove together to the race site, (Isabel, Janet and myself) and got there with plenty of time to visit the little boys/little girls’ room. I had to, I usually get up earlier in the morning and do my stuff and had to wait until I arrived to the race. We met with Kevin and Samantha, Kevin was running his first 50K which happened to be his birthday present. He turned 31, so what would be better than running 31 miles as a birthday present?

I was happy to see him since he was sick a few days before. He was smiling all the time and had a great time.. Wohoo!! You go Kevin!!

We picked up race numbers and say bye to Isabel who was running a different race, waited for the traditional trail marking instructions and the GO command .

Isabel had a great race.... Some of us predicted a 3 hour 20K race, she did it much, much, much faster. Thanks for the photography too Isabel.

Janet and I set up at the back of the pack. We stayed way back for the beginning, walking the big hills and getting into a rhythm. We got into it pretty soon and I don’t believe we slowed down considerably at any moment. There were absolutely not thoughts such as “what the hell am I doing here”, or “Darn I will never do this again” kind of thoughts. We had a great day. The temperature was simply great, not hot and considering that most of the course was open I was glad that the day did not get that hot at all.

The trail had a steep beginning, check out the stairs, these were really hard on your quads, specially the second time around. But the discomfort was absolutely nothing compared to the views that these trails provided.

They were just incredible. Ha… Janet mentioned what our lives would be without running. I have been told that I have an addictive personality, thus thank God I took exercise, or running cuz otherwise I probably be a junkie. Thank God there is running to keep me away from other stuff.. J J

Janet is the ultra crazy friend I been talking about. She is a great runner and a great friend. See, I am not kidding, I got great people in my life.

See my coaster? Proof that I finished the race


But really… why do we do the things we do? I have thought about it long and hard many times. Why are we the way we are?… what made us who we are today? I have a few thoughts about it, but for the most part I am a work in progress. One thing is for sure, I am happy, and I cannot believe how blessed I am. I got great friends and wonderful people in my life, Wow…

I read this poem long ago… it was written by a girl in India,

Who Am I?

A gift of God,
a blessing to this earth
That is what I am.

A person of substance,
a person who matters,
a person who can make others feel her presence
That is what I am.

A person who learns from each day,
a person who has courage for facing each day,
a person who has hope for each tomorrow
That is what I am.

A person having a yearning desire,
to get more and more knowledge
from the ocean of wisdom
That is what I am.

Someone who can give to others
If not the moon, if not the stars,
If not just gifts, if not just flowers
But a sweet smile on the face
which spreads happiness as long as it stays
That is what I am.

And this is the reason
why I am the happiest
When I am what I am.

Pretty cool huh?


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Sara said...

I like this poem.
it's really nice