Friday, March 28, 2008

5000 Yards swim today

Wohoo... I think this swim deserves a blog post.. I have been working on my swimming technique for the last couple of weeks. I even went back to basics, because I wanted to get better and more efficient. Well, I put it all together today and it was amazing. I did 5000 yards in 1 hour, 20 min and 1 second. This translates into 1:36 per 100 yards.. That is a great pace..

This swim to put into perspective was 5000 yards= 4.57 Kilometer or 2.84 miles. Or 50 football fields... That was a long swim.. right?

Man.. swimming wise, I am ready to take on the Ironman, although swimming open water is a totally different animal.. Check it out here...

This is a picture of the start of the swim at ImCDA last year... I'll be doing this race in a less than 3 months..

Things I learned in the pool today..... If I train smarter, I will get faster.


Sara said...

wow, this is great.
you know something,
I even can't swim in a pool, LOL

Isabel said...

I cannot wait to read your 50 miler post...and your Ironman post!!! I'm so proud :)