Friday, March 14, 2008

It is March, but this entry is about Feb.

First things first..

Ironman Training

The month of February was pretty good. I am really happy with how things are going so far. I had one week in Feb when I felt a little down and decreased my total volume, but the following week I felt great. I think all I needed was some rest. My training volumes for this particular month were:

February's totals:
Bike:12h 01m - 23.4 Mi - Mostly indoors
Run:23h 37m 48s - 126.61 Mi ir 202.6 K
Swim:14h 05m 39s - 43000 Yd or 24.5 M or 39.3 K

This was definitly a great month and I am on target to get my training done to do Ironman Cour d'Alene. I cannot wait, really. It will be an amazing race.. wohoo!!

Besides, this Ironman training is doing things to my body that I like (wink wink)

but it also doing other things that I definitely don't like one bit.

Trail running...

Since I been training for the IM, I haven't done many long races anymore. I miss them so much. I definitely want the IM training to be over so I can go back and run the trails and go long, very long. But needless to say I am enjoying the short distance stuff, specially when I get to run with friends. And of course since they believe that I am a lover of pain, they make sure I get my share of pain indeed.

Needless to say, the urban trails are pretty nice too. Most of them are paved, but still beautiful indeed. And the thing is, when you run with friends it makes the whole experience totally different.

check out these pics.. (thanks to Isabel an Patty for the contributions)
I love this particular spot, the afternoon was great, sunny and breeze. Check out the wonderful view of the bay.

And of course I had to stop by it and do a little girl push ups (for the picture only) I usually do man push-ups as seen in one of the previous pictures.. :)

The funny thing about these pictures is that I realize how predictable I am at dressing for a run. all these picture appear to be taken the same day since I am wearing the same stuff... but I do wash them... I promise..

However I do enjoy running by myself..

Life Stuff

We are who we are because of what we have gone through. I feel blessed cuz I have gone through a lot in the last 15 years of my life. I look back and I realize that I am who I am today because of the choices I made in the past. However, the past is gone, I like to reflect on the past, but it is gone, I cannot change it and I wouldn't wanna change it. All we have is the present and we must cherish it, and share our happiness with our loved ones..
A few days ago two cyclists were killed by a sheriffs' deputy car, a very sad incident indeed. It was sad since I am a cyclist myself but also because they were so young and upcoming athletes. I can only imagine how their families felt when the news were delivered to them. I actually cried when I read about the details and I just could not believe it. An accident, I think so, but an unnecessary accident indeed.

HOWEVER... these two people died doing something they loved... Biking. I always said that I am going to die, I rather die running or biking or swimming or doing all three. Mey their souls rest in peace...

So what I have learned in the past few days that will help me in the future?

Ok.. here they are my three lessons...

a) Be Prepared!!

b) Learn when to eat a burrito (specially if you are having closed door meetings shortly after)

3) Look where you are going

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