Friday, February 08, 2013

Training continues!!

Just a few months ago I had brain surgery and coming back to running has been a little slow.  It is not because of the brain surgery, but because my fitness level has decreased.  I am in the process of building up once again.  I miss the days when I could run 50K+ with no training..   I am getting there, somehow.
I also lost a dear uncle of mine.   He died unexpectedly a few weeks ago.   I traveled home to be with the family.  He was young and such an incredible human being.   Once again, I am reminded how fragile life can be and why it is important to enjoy every minute of it.  
I have been training in Huddard park with  my crossfit buddies.   We have signed for American River 50 Miles in a couple of months and looking forward to get it done.
We did a 20 mile training run this past weekend...  It was awesome.  We are doing 25 miles this weekend on the same hilly course. I am on a paleo challenge at the moment, so I am trying to find out how can I fuel myself during this long run without the use of conventional gels / bars  /coke etc.    I will report my results in a later post. 

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